Do not want to keep your Hotmail account? Learn to close it forever

09 Oct

Hotmail is an email server that belongs to Microsoft. Therefore, indirectly if you have a Hotmail account , it means that you have a Microsoft account.

This means that whenever you want to access any type of application linked to Microsoft (such as Skype, One Drive and many others), you must use your Hotmail user or even Outlook, which is also linked to this server.

The mail has always been very useful . When Hotmail first appeared, it crashed the web and was the user's favorite. However, sometimes people do not feel completely safe to send their information through this interface and decide not to continue using the service.

In fact, there has also been the case of wanting to delete the account , since the inbox is full of advertising or spam mails and this bothers the user. On the other hand, there are others who do not feel able to manage the program properly, because they may not have much contact with the 2.0 ecosystem and they almost never use the account. When this happens, they decide to close the account permanently.

What all these users do not know, or perhaps they ignore is that through their email account, Microsoft uses information in other applications or devices in which you have used your Hotmail account to access other servers.

Do not want to keep your Hotmail account?  Learn to close it forever.

Which means that, if you delete tucorreo, you will automatically be losing not only all contacts and emails from family and friends, but you will also be deleting your information or data saved in other applications in which you used your Hotmail to access or use that service So, if you wonder how much you can lose if you decide to delete your Hotmail account, better think twice.

If you still know everything you can lose, you decide to close your Hotmail account , here we will teach you how to do it, not to cancel it for a while, but to erase it permanently .

Do not want to keep your Hotmail account?  Learn to close it forever.

Remove your Hotmail account in 5 easy steps
The first thing you must do to start the process of deleting your account is extremely easy. Enter Google or any other search engine and place in the search bar the Hotmail address,
Once you have done this procedure, a window will be displayed, the usual one to enter your email. You will have to enter your username and password, in the same way that it is usually done to reach the inbox. You will immediately be redirected to the main access page and in the upper right you will find a gear wheel that says options. Click on the word so you can continue with the operation.
When the options menu is displayed, you will have to select the region that says "Account details". There you will find all your information, email address, password, time zone, etc. Other options will emerge, from which you must select only "security and password" .
Once this step is completed, a series of items will appear that explain the terms and conditions under which you delete the account. You must mark each of them as a sign that you agree with what Hotmail establishes and the last one to mark will be "Mark account for closing".
When you click on this option, the process is almost complete. Microsoft will show you a notice stating that all your information will be deleted and that your account will be in a kind of virtual limbo, from which you can recover it before 60 days have elapsed . Once you read that, you must press the ready button, and your account will be deleted forever.
What should I do if I have two users and want to delete only one of the accounts and not lose information?
Many times, for practicality, people create two email accounts. Some make a division between work and personal matters. But sometimes it becomes cumbersome to enter an account and another just to look for a new message.

For this reason, people decide to delete one of those accounts and stay alone with one. In these parameters, it could be said that you will not necessarily lose all the information. What you must do is enter the account you want to keep active, synchronize your contacts and pass all the data and information you consider necessary, from that old account, to the new account.

Once you have done this, you simply must do the procedure explained above and then your email account will be permanently deleted.

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